Free software alternatives for schools - - Blog


A list of free and open source alternatives for common software used in schools.
I have included the software that is used in my school. If you think something should be added here contact me.

  • Windows - GNU/Linux. Most laptops come with Windows installed but installing something like Linux Mint is very easy.
  • Google classroom - No good alternatives. Schools in Estonia use Stuudium or E-Kool for their homework and grading, Stuudium (don't know about E-Kool) also has a built in work assigning, submitting and messaging system. While Stuudium is propietary it is still better than Google Classroom. I don't know about other countries.
  • Google Docs, Slides, Microsoft Office - Libre Office
  • Zoom - Jitsi Meet. The school would need to host a Jitsi instance or could use a public instance.
  • Gmail - Some schools have their students use school made emails - I dont see why that is necessary.
  • Facebook Messenger - Email or Matrix. Could host a private Matrix instance or use a public one.